Monthly Newsletter – November, 2019

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Secrets of a Locomotive Engineer

Did you ever dream of blowing the whistle on a train and driving it down the tracks in your childhood? How many times have you seen a train pass by and wonder where it was going and what adventures they were having? Do you love that haunting sound of the harmonica in those songs about trains? Have you ever ridden a train in an amusement park and thought what it would be like to actually drive that thing?

If that describes you, this book is going to be lots of fun. In this book I not only tell stories from my years working for the railroad, I also teach you how all of this stuff works! That’s right. 

You will learn about the different types of rail cars, classification of hazardous materials, and why railroad tracks are built the way they are. You will get to see how trains are built and why certain rail cars are put in different places in a train. 

You will learn how the signal systems work on the railroad and how trains meet and pass each other. You will learn all about locomotives, the controls an engineer uses to run the trains, and the braking systems too. 

And, of course, there are lots of stories about interesting and funny things that have happened. Take a scenic tour with me along the way, and strengthen up your dinner conversation skills with some little-known facts.

It’s all in here waiting for you, so, what are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin!


Coming soon

About the book 

More than just stories

In this book, the author not only tells funny stories about adventures on the railroad, but also takes you to the classroom to fdfdlearn all about the exciting career of freight conductor and locomotive engineer.

Join Engineer Hughes on the mainline hauling America’s freight and go into the switching yards of railroads to learn how that freight is sorted, retrieved, and delivered to our nation’s industries. 

About the Author

Writing a Whole New Chapter

After retiring from the Army and the Railroad, Thomas Hughes is embarking upon the next chapter of an exciting life. With many years of experience and adventures, writing interesting and insightful books seems the natural direction to take.